Dependable Door Systems Inc. is proud to serve both residential and commercial clients. We are a company that is always striving to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Each of our qualified technicians is ready for any of your garage door project. If you want to have a glimpse of what you can expect from our team and service, please read our reviews. 

If you are ready to start your service, please call us today at (801) 849-9030.

"Great Business!"

These guys are the real deal, true craftsmen of garage doors in an age where craftsmanship and pride in quality work are dwindling. Professionalism and knowledge on full display. Will be my choice for future repairs and recommendations to friends. Great people.

Wyatt P.
      "Highly Recommend!"

      Had a door spring break early one morning and called Dependable Doors before 7:00 am and got a live person on the phone. They were able to get me on their schedule for later that same day! In fact, Kevin showed up a couple hours earlier than expected and was able to get the springs replaced and did a complete tune-up on the opener and hinges and tracks in a very efficient manner. I HIGHLY recommend using Dependable Door Systems!

      Michael O.
      "Definitely Recommend!"

      We had not ONE but TWO broken garage door springs the week of Christmas. I assumed we'd likely be looking at over a week to get someone out to even look at it. I called Rick in the morning, had a same day appointment, and a repair in less than 30 minutes. I would definitely recommend them to others and would absolutely call them again for future repairs.

      Jenny T.
      "Awesome Service!"

      Rick is awesome! My office garage door fell off the hinges at 5pm. I called his office and the nice lady who answered was able to get ahold of Rick who immediately came out and stayed til 8pm until the door was fixed. That shows the true colors of a business right there! thanks Rick!

      Steven B.
      "Great Business!"

      These guys are the real deal, true craftsmen of garage doors in an age where craftsmanship and pride in quality work are dwindling. Professionalism and knowledge on full display. Will be my choice for future repairs and recommendations to friends. Great people.

      Wyatt P.
      "Professional Service!"

      Just had a double wall insulated door installed by Dependable Door Systems. Rick, Tyler and Arrianne handled the quotation and ordering. Kevin and Luke did the install. Everything was handled professionally and quickly. Super happy as my garage/ shop is staying warmer during this cold weather.

      Tom W.
      "Best Business For Garage Doors!"

      This is the best place to buy garage doors. As a general contractor, I only used their garage doors on my homes, and my own personal home as well. Rick uses a heavier gauge metal door and higher grade springs and rollers than everyone else around.

      I’ve had two of Rick’s doors on my home for thirty years and they still looks just as good as the day they were installed. That’s even after thirty years of kids banging into them with bicycles and bouncing balls off if them. Not a dent or scratch or peeled paint anywhere.

      Rick is as honest as they come and always does what says he’ll do. Dependable is the best way to describe this company!

      Karl D.
      "Honest Company!"

      I called thinking we needed a new door. They came and worked on a few things and my door sounds much better and works great. No need to replace it. I'm grateful for honesty and not taking advantage of a clueless homeowner.

      Chelsey T.
      "Wonderful Job!"

      Kevin and Chris came out to our home and installed a new garage door opener. They were awesome to work with and did a wonderful job!

      Cindy K.
      "Quick & Friendly!"

      Such quick, friendly & honest service. I called them 10 years ago and they were so great I remembered them and called them back. Thanks Tyler!!

      Korby J.
      "Great Communication!"

      Great communicators, sent me a picture of the garage door window options, were patient and helpful as I made my decision. Didn't push more than I needed, bid first a standard door, uninsulated vs insulated. I added windows for 350, and am happy with the result.

      Scheduled and came on time, the door quality is great, and I could not actually be happier.

      Russell K.
      "Great Experience!"

      I had a spring break on my garage door and after looking at a few youtube videos decided that I would be better off calling a professional.   I went onto the Springville Community facebook group and asked for recommendations and was referred to Dependable.  I looked them up, they had great reviews, so I called them and was not disappointed.  They returned my call early the next morning and made an appointment to come out within a half hour.  I think that this is a father/son business and they definitely give you the personal touch.  I got the father, and he was a very nice guy and even went out of his way to do a little grinding of sharp edges on our garage door and to even replace one of the overhead garage lights, "since he had the ladder out".   Everything was done quickly and professionally at what I think was a very fair price.

      What a great experience.  I would not hesitate to recommend these guys!

      Kevin B.
      "Highly Recommend!"

      I would highly recommend using Dependable Door Systems. Very professional. I was not sent to a dispatch. The owner picked up the phone personally, set the appointment and came out the same day. He didn't try to rip me off and upsell me on a bunch of stuff I did not need. He diagnose the problem quickly and within 40 minutes was done. He was super friendly and I would use them again in a heartbeat.

      Rick A.
      "Highly Recommend!"

      I highly recommend Dependable Door Systems! I called and they came out the very same day and assessed my garage door issue. I was happy with the options provided to me and the pricing I was given. Tyler showed up the next day to install my new motor and took the time to explain all of its features and even make sure my HomeLink system in my vehicle was programmed! Great service, trustworthy employees, and high quality products! Thank you!

      Brad F.
      "Amazing Service!"

      I have an 18' wide door and one of the two springs broke making the garage door inoperable. Talked to Rick and he immediately made arrangements for Tyler to come to look at the issue. As Tyler was looking he saw that one of the cables was badly frayed and one of the bearings had been worn. Tyler took the time to not only replace the springs with heavier springs, but to also correct all of the issues he found with the door and then rebalanced the door. It works perfectly. Tyler was so personable to work with, he worked fast, and the price was very, very reasonable!! It was great to have Tyler working on our garage door - I'd call them again in a heartbeat.

      Steve J.